If you haven’t selected the niche that you want to dominate in 2019 yet, then pay close attention to the following list. These five niches are the top earners for influencers on Instagram that are looking to crack the industry for the first time, or those who have dabbled, but now want to make a big splash. Read until the end when I reveal a bonus niche that juuuust might tickle your fancy.

Before we get into the specific niches, I’ll give you a tip that holds true for every single one of them – you need to be consistent. Consistency in both what you post, and how often you post. Choose the right amount of posting for you (2-3 times per week is great) and stick to it. Plan ahead if you can. Don’t waver from your niche; don’t post about fitness for a couple of weeks, then your sushi obsession the next, and then fashion for a few days, and oh - back to fitness. Stay within your niche.


The health and fitness niche is exploding right now. Yes, it’s crowded, but don’t let that deter you. The health and fitness niche has a very low barrier to entry, meaning that you don’t need expensive equipment or supplies to get started. Home workouts and diet tips for regular people are just as effective as someone pumping iron at an expensive world class gym.

Another great aspect of being an instagrammer in the fitness niche is that all the content you create is “evergreen” content. Meaning that the tips you give today will still be helpful and relevant in two weeks, two months, and even two years. What helps the booty grow today, helps the booty grow tomorrow! Your Instagram captions will become irrelevant over time. pexelsIn contrast, the fashion niche struggles with constantly changing trends, so you don’t get the same evergreen luxury.

Brand goals: Gym Shark, Lululemon, Nike


You’ve been uploading #ootd anyways, why not make an effort to gain more followers and get in on the action? The key to the fashion industry is standing out from everyone else (people in the fashion industry are rolling their eyes at me right now saying “OBVIOUSLY”). You need to dive even deeper and select a “sub-niche”. Choose the segment of fashion that really gets you frisky. It could be affordable fashion, high fashion, ethically sourced materials, etc.

There are hundreds – nay, thousands, of fashion brands seeking the assistance of influencers. Here’s a helpful tip to get your big break: find smaller fashion companies, some that are new to Instagram themselves, offer to promote one of their items on Instagram in exchange for the free product. Work on developing the relationship, get your reps in with smaller companies and practice being a professional influencer. Take the small collaborations seriously and create the type of content that will attract bigger brands to you. Pssttt… click this link for a free template to effectively, and not awkwardly reach out to brands in the fashion industry.

Brand Goals: Revolve, Victoria Secret, Forever 21


Parenting is becoming one of the hottest, rapidly growing niches on Instagram. There’s a very subtle, but strong advantage that new moms (and hey, dads too – it’s 2019) have over the rest of their influencer competition: trust. There is something that makes people inherently trust a new parent more than the average person – their recommendations carry more weight. People just feel like a parent would never lie to them. It’s also a stage in someone’s life that has a lot of uncertainty around it – first-time parents are always seeking advice from peers. Peers nowadays happen to be on Instagram rather than at the book club. Social interactions happen with direct messages instead of direct phone calls.

With that in mind, don’t feel like you need to be a parenting expert to be a parenting influencer. Simply sharing your experiences, struggles, and laughs with other parents is enough to create great content.

While new parents don’t exactly have tons of free time, they do have weird schedules that can allow for blogging or Instagram time. Brands are only now catching on to these powerful networks and that influencers truly have a lot of pull with the parenting community. Take advantage of this if you’re a new parent and have a knack for relating to people.

Brand goals: Pampers, OshKosh, The Honest Company


Becoming an influencer is easier than ever, but it can be daunting. A guiding hand is often all you need to replace your 9-5 income and become a full-time influencer on Instagram. If you think you have what it takes, check out our online course specifically designed to teach you how to become an expert & sought after influencer.

Health & Nutrition

Slightly different than fitness, but equally as easy to break into and dominate in 2019. If you have a high level of influence, it can be equally as profitable too. Start with homemade recipes and concoctions you dream up for yourself and share them with your followers. You can even find “sub-niches” within this larger niche as well. For example, you could be a gluten-free specialist, vegan/vegetarian, keto, or any kind of diet that people may be interested in.

Food delivery and meal planning services are a hot ticket item given the fast pace life most of us lead. Those companies need reliable health and nutrition advocates to help share their message. When it comes to healthy eating and nutrition, the sheer number of people who are looking for guidance on Instagram should be enough encouragement to be confident that your next follower growth spurt is just around the corner!

Brand goals: Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Plated

Makeup & Beauty

Last but not least: the makeup and beauty industry. Perhaps the most prominent on Instagram, and one of the pioneering industries to really take advantage of influencers on Instagram. There are thousands of makeup brands and just about all of them are looking for more influencers. They are dying to send you free product.

Being a makeup influencer can be incredibly lucrative. It is the unofficial highest paying niche on Instagram. The makeup industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and right now there aren’t enough high-quality makeup influencers to satisfy the brands' needs, which causes bidding wars. The trick is being good at it. If you offer makeup tutorials, rather than flat lay shots of eyeliner and mascara sitting on a bed, you can make a killing.

If you’re looking to create those neat makeup tutorial styled videos that you see content creators doing, simply set yourself up with a tripod and good lighting. Write out your script and plan out how your video will run, then take several cuts of each individual scene. Drop it in a video editor like iMovie and clip and trim the video to include your best cuts. Attach some audio and export – done!

Brand goals: Glossier, Milk Makeup, Sephora

… You didn’t think I forgot about the final bonus category did you?


Being a travel influencer has never been more attainable. Get super specific for this one, dig into what type of traveler you want to be. You can either travel on a budget like a student or travel high class like an executive.

Traveling the world on someone else’s dime is always appealing. But how do you get started?

You need to show a bit of moxy, some savvy travel hacks, and actually get your ass up and go somewhere. It doesn’t have to be far – it can be an hour drive from your hometown, but you need to demonstrate that you are willing to offer tips and advice to fellow travellers so brands can trust you. Try reaching out to hotels and offering to post about your stay in exchange for accommodations. The travel niche is up for grabs right now!

Brand goals: Emirates, Ritz Carlton, 4 Seasons

So there you have it. The top 5 +1 earning niches of 2019. Choose your niche, create beautiful content, MAKE SOME MONEY and enjoy life. If you want to use our proven templates for reaching out to brands to offer your services, click here.

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