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Top 5 Earning Niches on Instagram

If you haven’t selected the niche that you want to dominate in 2019 yet, then pay close attention to the following list. These five niches are the top earners for influencers on Instagram that are looking to crack the industry for the first time, or those who have dabbled, but now want to make a...


11 Mandatory Steps to Becoming an Influencer on Instagram

You’ve likely seen online personalities on Instagram promoting products, travelling to beautiful remote islands in Asia, and generating an enormous amount of buzz around themselves. Perhaps you assume that living their life and becoming “one of them” is as unattainable as becoming a celebrity....


6 Ways to Increase Your Engagement Rate on Instagram

Three years ago, all the focus was on the size of an influencer’s audience – how many Instagram “followers” they had. Brands and marketers alike assumed that with more followers, meant more earned for every dollar spent, or so they thought. As marketers navigated their way through the...


5 Ways to Find Your Next Collaboration

The two answers I hear the most when I ask aspiring influencers what they struggle with are “How can I grow my follower count?” and “Where can I find brands to partner with?” With the rising importance of engagement rates and the rapidly growing interest from brands within the industry,...


How To Spot Fake Followers & Engagement Yourself

How To Spot Fake Followers & Engagement Yourself Late last year, Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Weed, blasted the influencer marketing industry for its lack of transparency and abundance of fake followers and engagement. The marketing world has now begun to assess whether or...