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All the secrets used by the world's most successful brands and influencers

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Welcome to the internet's most comprehensive courses on influencer marketing!

When we started in this space, there was no coined term 'influencer marketing'. The industry hadn't picked up yet – we pioneered it.

We've worked with hundreds of brands, thousands of influencers, within this multi-billion dollar industry.

These courses hold the secrets used by the most successful brands using influencer marketing today. The knowledge and techniques in these courses have contributed to millions in revenue, all packed into these courses.

Whether you're a brand looking to work with influencers on social media, or you're an influencer yourself wanting to attract premium, high paying brands – we have courses for you.

Join thousands of other successful brands and influencers who have used our courses to master the world of influencer marketing.

"I've been using an agency to outsource all my influencer marketing campaigns and although they do a pretty good job, they often make mistakes at my expense.

I wanted more control of my brand and the influencers I wanted to associate ourselves with.

After taking this course, I was able to start my own in-house influencer marketing team, fire my agency and save a ton in marketing expenses. I was paying well over six figures a quarter at the agency and now for a fraction of that, I've hired my own in-house team and used this course as a training manual for their position. I'll also be able to breed them into mid-level managers and I'm ultimately investing in myself and my company now.

Very valuable content in this course, would recommend taking this course before touching any influencer marketing campaigns."

- Daniel, Chief Marketing Officer at ThinkGas

"Paid for itself in the first week."

- Elaine, Fashion Blogger & Social Media Personality

"This course paid for itself in the first week. I've been running a brand that sells clothing and I focus on influencers on Instagram. I had no idea I could be paying these influencers way less, but yet getting way more value.

This course not only provided me with the tools I need to run my own in-house influencer marketing operation, but it taught me a lot about managing my database and the influencers themselves.

Highly highly highly recommend this course! Incredible value, well worth it."

- Abdul, Lifestyle Influencer and Entrepreneur

"Have been using this course to training my in-house team of 12. Saves me from having to individually train them and standardizes the training as a whole. Five stars from me"

- Tim, Founder & CEO, The Lonely Handbag